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"custom rollsign?"
By endlessbreak, 19/12/2011 about
These are great rollsigns! Can you do custom ones? I'm looking for one similar to the 501 Queen car or the Toronto CLRV/ALRV signs but with certain bus routes.
By laurencelui, 06/02/2011 about
Sorry to hear there was a problem. Zazzle handles all issues with delivered products, so I would suggest you follow their return policy, available here: http://zazzle-ca.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/100 Hope it works out!
"ordered a rollsign got wrong poster"
By modo24, 06/02/2011 about
i ordered a roll sign for my sister she just opened it and its something different
"Alignment with Reality"
By , 22/01/2011 about
Please use metric measures. This country went metric in the mid-70's. Nothin' but Love
By laurencelui, 27/09/2010 about
email me with what you would like on the custom sign (laurence.lui - symbol - gmail - symbol - com)
"roll sign"
By modo24, 26/09/2010 about
Received Toronto PCC roll sign absolutely amazing, love it. thanks
"custom sizes"
By fbristow, 31/07/2010 about
looking for something a little taller around 66" and 18-20" wide. height is most important but I'd also like to stay true to the original height x width ratio. thanks.fred
"Custom Sizes"
By laurencelui, 22/07/2010 about
What size (width) are you looking for?
"custom sizes"
By fbristow, 22/07/2010 about
do you offer custom sizes? I am looking for a larger version of the pcc streetcar rollsign. thanks. fred
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9 results