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YouBeaut Designs
Offering a wild mix of things bizarre, beautiful, kitsch and good.
YouBeaut Designs, Sydney
Are cities the same all over the world? Does each city proscribe the person, or do people make the city? We know that cities are different and so often have a different buzz or culture even in the same country or State. Sydney is different to Melbourne. We know this because we spend a lot of time in both places. Climate makes a big difference. More outdoor eating and entertaining in Sydney - more days of wearing warm woolies in Melbourne. Lots of beautiful parks and harbour-side walks in Sydney - magic lanes and hidden cafes and boutique shops in Melbourne. More visual artists in Sydney - more writers in Melbourne. Some will dispute this as overly simplistic which is likely true, but that is how we see ourselves here. Stereotyping happens and we guess that people do this wherever they live. So can we pick a Sydney-sider from a Melbournite when we meet? Not saying! Cheers from 'down-under' - or are we the ones on top of the planet and most of you just think you are?
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