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Loving to make anything!
Los Angeles, CA
Be sure you look inside my products artwork, you never know what customization options I have uploaded for that design. If you see a design you like, but it is not on the product you want. Contact me through Zazzle's email so I can set it up in my store. I would love to see my designs in the world, you can tag me in your pictures at Instagram: @wickedrefined. Nicole Demereckis is the designer behind WickedRefind. She has a background of working production in the fashion industry but is now branching out with her own designs. She has a classic education in traditional art and is self taught in digital arts. Nicole always wants to try new techniques when it comes to creating. This makes her somewhat of a squirrel, moving from one piece of work to the next depending on her artistic muse. This can be good and bad for an artist/designer. The good is that she usually has something new for you to see. The bad is that she does not have a particular style/look per say. So make sure you take a good look around her shop as you will see something new around each corner. Check out the web link, it is a link tree with all my other shops.
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