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The Old Soul Story The Name I do not remember a time when my folks and me had any arguments about music. They never complained that my music was playing too loud, and I never complained that there was too big a generation gap for me to appreciate theirs. Well, it helps that we listen to the same music... Yes. I've always loved the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the BeeGees. Dennis Lambert's "Of All the Things" tops my iTunes library when it comes to the play count. And while there are a few 'modern' songs in my iPod, the playlists here are dominated by old Motown classics and the likes of Smokey Robinson and the Temptations. And this is how I first got christened with the "old soul " monicker. The father of my friends once had my dad and me over for a little jamming session at their place. He could hardly believe how a 15-year old like me (then) could sing "A Hard Day's Night" without any lyrics in front of me and how I would even mimic all McCartney's ad-libs in the song. He then told my father, "I think your son is an old soul !" Since then, I've developed an affinity for the label, and even a little sense of pride carrying it. But my love for music of generations past isn't the only thing which makes me an "old soul". I appreciate pretty much anything one can classify as retro or throwback. Most of the time, I prefer what looks quaint over what looks modern. And for the modern things that catch my eye, I often can't help but put a little touch of old soul into it... and I am pretty sure that it is quite obvious with the line of products you see here. The Art My grandfather is an excellent photographer... always has been. I remember that, as a kid, I would love going through scores of albums of his black and white photographs. He had everything in those albums... city scenes, seascapes, safari pictures, and of course, stolen shots of bikini-clad women. Whatever it was, it seemed as if my grandfather made even the most ordinary of subjects into a great looking photo. I was his youngest, but biggest fan. I guess he must've spotted my interest in taking pictures, because one day, he left me his big ol' SLR (yes, it was still film) for me to use the whole afternoon. I took pictures of everything. Trees, houses, and even an Army APC on the highway. From that day on, my love affair with photography was born. With that, just like he passed on his love for fine Cognacs to me, he passed on that eye for a good picture. I would be the first to admit though, that I never had any formal training in photography... not a class. Never ask me then, about the technical aspects of my photos! My equipment is a point-and-shoot, just like everybody else. But I guess there should be no shame in that, since one can find true beauty in the rawness of a photo, as it captures what looked good to the photographer at that moment. It rarely becomes too artificial, too posed or too contrived. Everything you find here at The Old Soul Store is as real as it gets. The Designs Most of the designs here are snippets of the many wonderful places I have been fortunate enough to see in my travels... What you will see here is a collection of scenes from beautiful cities, tender moments and interpretations of the many beautiful facets of the human experience. There is something for everybody at The Old Soul Store ... Sure, this site sounds like it is really for the young once out there, but for you young ones , this is also the site for you. Here at The Old Soul Store , you will find designs where retro meets cool, and classic is vogue. Whatever your taste, you are sure to find something here at The Old Soul Store . --- The Old Soul story doesn't end here! There is a lot yet to be told... Follow this story as it is written! Visit The Old Soul Store's blog, "The Young Old Soul" at: http://theoldsoulstore.blogspot.com
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