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Vintage Estonia
Toronto, Ontario
I am Axel Roosman's granddaughter, Anne. I hope you enjoy these unique graphic designs by Axel Roosman reproduced on the items for sale on this site. BRIEFLY, HERE IS AXEL'S STORY: Axel Roosman was born on August 14, 1899 in Tartu, Estonia. As a young man, he studied art and graphic design in Riga, Latvia and in St. Petersburg, Russia. Axel soon became one of Estonia's most sought after graphic artist and illustrator, designing a multitude of posters, packaging, postage stamps, magazine covers, editorial layouts, and books. Axel was also an excellent illustrator, and created the images and pictures that appear on the artwork found on the items on this site. His talent also includes illustrating many endearing children’s books. Axel's prolific graphic design career was interrupted by the imminent threat of communism, and a Soviet invasion during WWII. Like many Baltic people, caught up in this time in history, Axel fled Estonia with his wife Helle and their seven children. Left without a homeland, Axel found refuge for his large family, in a British run displaced persons camp, stationed in Germany. When WWII was finally over, Axel and his large family were relocated to Sweden, where he continued his graphic design and commercial printing career, in Stockholm. It was in 1966 when Axel and Helle decided to retire and move to Toronto, Canada, and reunite with some of their many children and their new young families, who settled here. Axel soon became an active member of Toronto’s Society of Estonian Artists, focusing more on creating fine art pieces. Most popular, were his watercolour paintings of Vikings, mushrooms and flowers. Several of Axel’s works can be found in Estonian collections, as well as in private collections in Europe and North America. Axel passed away on February 22, 1974 in Toronto, Canada, and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. A few years ago I decided to reproduce Axel’s creations on mugs, T-shirts, aprons hats and other items, as a way of sharing a unique part of Estonia’s national heritage during the country’s first period of independence. In order to see more of these rare and vintage Baltic treasures please visit:
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RoosiL commented on Vintage_Estonia 2009-12-03
"Vintage Estonia Products"
I saw your products at the Baltic Friends Christmas Bazaar and loved them, and plan to order gifts for my family. Roosi L
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