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"Vegan" Word-Cloud Sphere & Quote Coffee Mug


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"Vegan" Word-Cloud Sphere & Quote Coffee Mug
Designed for youby AbsoluteVegan
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Classic Mug
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Style: Classic Mug

Give a made-to-order mug from Zazzle to someone special, or treat yourself to a design that brings you joy or makes you laugh. Create your own photo mug, shop our collection of the funniest joke mugs, personalize your mug with a monogram or express yourself with one of our 10 million designs.

  • Available in 325 ml or 444 ml
  • Dimensions:
    • 325 ml: 9.7 cm tall x 8.1 cm diameter
    • 444 ml: 11.4 cm tall x 8.6 cm diameter
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Strong, ceramic design
  • Meets or exceeds United States FDA requirements for food and drink safety
  • Printed on demand in Nevada, USA
About This Design
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"Vegan" Word-Cloud Sphere & Quote Coffee Mug
"Vegan" Word-Cloud Mosaic in Heart symbol - Includes quote: "Animal rights without veganism is like human rights with slavery. It makes no sense. None whatsoever." ~ Gary L. Francione. Colour: Simply black & white My storefront, AbsoluteVegan, is non-profit, 100% royalty free, with a sole purpose to educate, inform and spread the abolitionist vegan message. It includes a variety of "vegan"- themed “word-cloud” mosaics in an array of shapes and symbols (sphere, spiral, heart, turtle, dove, pig & more) and in a variety of colours (from pinks, purples, blues and greys to many earthy tones). The vegan-themed “word-clouds” consist of “vegan” as the sole word, or “vegan” and “vegan-related words” combined (including: justice, ethics, morality, respect, abolitionist vegan). Some products (including t-shirts) include a thoughtful pro-abolitionist vegan message or quote (which varies based on the design selected). As vegans, we need to do everything we can to get the word out and help end the animal holocaust that is occurring. I initially designed a similar t-shirt for myself, to help spread the word, and be a better advocate for abolitionist veganism. I hope these t-shirts and other items will not only inspire the owner, but more importantly, cause people to notice, and think about the message. It might be just the thing to allow the owner (of a t-shirt, canvas bag, etc.) to strike up a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store. Or a myriad of other places…Go vegan! And please spread the word!
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animal rights

gary francione




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