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Vanquish is a guild of moderation first and foremost. Does this mean we will not push hard? Strive to be our best? Make a name for ourselves or see all that a game has to offer? Not at all! On the contrary, as a guild of "moderation" we choose to explore every bit of content the game throws our way from PvP to PvE, End Game to Crafting and light RP without pigeon holing ourselves into saying we focus on any one aspect. There is simply too much FUN content to explore in an MMO for that, we prefer to say we are a guild focused on...ALL OF IT! Placing and emphasis on the player behind the keyboard we care little for how "leet" you are or how you rank in game X. We are a family and supporting one another in an honest and confident way is what drives us as a guild. We are "casually hardcore"!
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