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Tucson Tribal Pattern Print Serving Tray


per serving tray

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Tucson Tribal Pattern Print Serving Tray
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Size: Large Serving Tray

Entertain in style with this customized serving tray! Printed in full color, the serving tray comes in two sizes with a black or natural wood finish. Personalize with your photos, texts, and designs for a high quality serving tray that’s perfect to match your décor or send as a gift to your favorite hostess.

  • Dimensions: 19"w x 14"l x 2.625"d
  • Designs printed in full color on high quality hardboard panel with glossy finish
  • Available in black or natural wood finishes with handles on two sides
Designer Tip: To ensure the highest quality print, please note that this product’s customizable design area measures 16.88" x 11.13". For best results please add 1/15" bleed.
About This Design
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Tucson Tribal Pattern Print Serving Tray
Colour: RED, represents (Faith, Beauty, Happiness, War, Blood, Violence, Energy, Birth, Spiritual Life, Wounds, Sunset, Thunder, Communication). Tribal, Native American Indian, Patterns and Prints consist of various SHAPES (Circle, Lines, Polygons, Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Dots, Stars, Octagons, Pentagons, Ovals, Parallelograms, Hexigon, etc.) They are Geometric, Repetitious Patterns of Bold and Bright Colours. Animals represent expressions as well as Colours. BROWN, represents; Self, Self -Discipline, Earth ARMADILLO; Methodical, Accurate, Slow, Steady BADGER; Bold, Outgoing, Good Communicator BAT: Death, Rebirth: BEAVER: Creative, Artistic, Builder, Resourceful, Determination BEAR: Aggressive, Being Pursued BUTTERFLY; Transformation, Adaptability BIRD SYMBOLS; Good Omen, Authority, Wise EAGLE; Sacred, Courage, Wisdom, Strength, Prestige Hawk; Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Guardianship, Strength, Far-Sighted HUMMINGBIRD: Devotion, Permanence, Eternity, Life Cycles, Love, Beauty, Intelligence OWL; Bad Omen, Wisdom, Silent, Swift, Night Creature RAVEN; Danger OVER, Good Luck, Creation, Knowledge, Bearer of Light THUNDERBIRD: Thunder, Winds CROW; Balance Past and Present, Skill, Cunning FALCON; Soul Healing, Speed, Movement BIRD-MAN; Supernatural BUFFALO; Provision, Gratitude, Abundance, Consistency, Strength, Stability, Blessing, Prosperity GREAT- SERPENT; Underworld, Chaos, Corruption, Darkness WINGED-SERPENT; Benevolent, Fearful COYOTE; Power, Stealth, Humour, Clowning DEER; Healing, Gentleness, Kindness, Compassion DOG; Guidance, Loyalty, Trust DOLPHIN; Compassion, Caring, Generosity ELK; Bravery, Agility, Independence FOX; Power of Anticipation, Observation, Stealth FROG: Spring, New Life, Sensitivity, communicator, Stability HORSE: Energy, Power, Message Carrier LIZARD; Awareness, Conservation, Hopes, Fears MOOSE; Headstrong, Balance, Long Life MOUSE; Observant, Diligence OTTER; Feminine, Trust, Inquisitive, Bright, Loyal, Speedy RABBIT; Caution, Fertility, Rebirth, Safety-in-Numbers RACCOON; Curiosity, adaptability, Resourcefulness PORCUPINE; Safety, Protective SNAKE; Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiative SPIDER; Power, Growth, Mystery SQUIRREL; Love, Abundance TURTLE; Self-Reliance, Tenacity, Slow Progress. MOUNTAIN-LION; Leadership, Strength, Courage, Integrity, Power. ALLIGATOR; Ultimate Power, Hunter
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