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DavidW commented on propagandistmag 2011-05-13
Carl Jung, who had his flaws, had (in my humble opinion) the best solution to transcending and resolving our problems of living with each other. By looking within we see that most of our hate comes from our own projections. In my (once again) humble opinion you guys are resemble closely your deemed enemies. . You seem blind to the atrocities caused in ALL countries where something approaching successful socialism occurred, but was ABSOLUTELY not allowed to occur by America who propped up fascist (yes fascist) "leaders". You could care less about the virtual genocide in East Timor, the horrors of the Vietnam war (least of all about the Bay of Tonkin lie), etc etc, etc. But ALL of this stems from your sick and demented pro-Israeli stance which I am willing to bet flavors 90% of all your opinions. Grow up and become humans and leave behind your blasted childish labels - whether they be Jewish, Islam, Christian, Atheist or whatever the hell they are. As for you latest rant on Amnesty International what the hell do you know about the work they do. Have you ever spoken with them? Seen what they do? No you wouldn't - because you are too busy wasting time blogging and trying to feel good about your deluded sense of bonding. The piece on Obama by cage prisoners was satirical but of course you couldn't catch that so one-dimensional are you.I don't know who wrote it but the words of that 80s song come to mind "Brothers, sisters, we don't need no fascist group thing".. Your t-shirts are disgusting - and yes - fascist to the T.
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