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Pillow - New Daisy on Basketweave/Basketweave


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Pillow - New Daisy on Basketweave/Basketweave
Designed for youby Whimsicality
Throw Pillow 20" x 20"
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Size: Throw Pillow 20" x 20"

Don't feel bad tossing such a pretty cushion outside on patio furniture, it was made for such an occasion. Each cushion is coated with an UV treatment that’s sturdy and mildew resistant. Create a plush outdoor oasis with these stylish outdoor pillows!

  • Dimensions: 50.8 cm x 50.8 cm (square)
  • 100% polyester; wrinkle free, mildew resistant
  • Seams sewn shut; synthetic-filled insert included
  • Dry clean or spot clean only
  • Made in the USA
Designer Tip: To ensure the highest quality print, please note that this product’s customizable design area measures 50.8 cm x 50.8 cm (20" x 20"). For best results please add 1.27 cm (0.5")bleed..
About This Design
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Pillow - New Daisy on Basketweave/Basketweave
There are so many stories about the daisy. In literature, Goethe immortalized the daisy when Marguerite needed to know if Faust loved her as she plucked the daisy petals and said, "He loves me. He loves me not." The daisy received its scientific name, Bellis, from mythology. It is said that the guardian deity of the orchards pursued a young tree nymph without reciprocation. As she sought to escape him, the nymph asked the gods for help. The powerful king of Argos was grandfather to the nymph, so when she appealed to the gods for help, they transformed her into a tiny flower named Bellis, allowing her to escape a terrible fate. There is also a Christian legend involving this cheerful flower. It tells that the Wise Men, while on their journey to find the Baby Jesus requested a sign to help them find the actual birthplace once in Jerusalem. They noticed many clusters of small, white, daisies near a stable. Recognizing the flower's resemblance to the star overhead, they knew they had found the Holy Family. The name, "Daisy" is thought to come from Anglo Saxon words "daes eage" meaning, literally, "day's eye". The daisy is believed, by some, to be the bringer of good fortune and blissful pleasure. Others say it symbolizes innocence and purity. Along with the Sweet Pea, the Daisy is also one of APRIL's birth flowers. For such a simple little flower, the daisy has a long, impressive list of stories surrounding it. This lovely, single bloom is offered on a delightful basketweave background on the "front", while the back is just basketweave. Offered in a generous 20" x 20" size, there are other sizes available. Additionally, it is offered on a resilient outdoor fabric making this wonderful pillow a great addition to your patio furniture. You may also select from other fabrics for interior use.
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