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Miyake wheel treasure lapel pin


per lapel pin

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Miyake wheel treasure lapel pin
Designed for youby Garian
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Shape: Lapel Pin

Affix these customizable sterling silver plated lapel pins onto shirts, ties, hats, or bags for a versatile accessory for any occasion. Gift wrapped in a special black felt bag, any image, design, or text you add to them will be finished with a UV resistant and waterproof coating to protect it for years to come. Get this stylish accessory today!

  • Dimensions: 2.2 cm diameter, 1.2 cm height
  • Sterling silver plated
  • UV resistant and waterproof
  • Made in USA
About This Design
Miyake wheel treasure lapel pin
< You see, the self-abandonment phosphorus po u >As for the wheel treasure crest wheel treasure crest being the crest whose difference is many with the crest register, there are several patterns even in this Miyake wheel treasure. This design has drawn “peaceful crest discrimination/reference” “crest model” the “Edo crest collection” in reference. It is inscription of wheel treasure, but “peaceful crest discrimination/reference” has done the wheel 鋒 with.
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