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Lindsey Blakely Design
Patterns for Life
Raymond, WA
Working alone all day is a dream come true for an introvert like myself, but it can be lonely at times. I guess that's what led me to make up my "imaginary pattern friends". When I'm working on my patterns I build a picture in my mind of the girl that each pattern is for. I think of what kind of name she'd have, how she'd act, and what she'd be passionate about. Each of my pattern collections has a description of the girl it's named after. Sometimes they're based off friends and family, and other time they totally made up. Are you a tomboy like Remi, the life of the party like Kira, or an optimist like Emmy? Maybe you're a bit of each of them. Personally, I relate to different girls depending on the day.
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Lindsey Blakely