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MAGA Kekistan Official Canada/USA
Finest Products from the Land of Chaos Magick!
ENCOURAGE US! BUY OUR PATRIOTIC CARDS & A SMALL GIFT! Shop the finest products from Kekistan! Cultural icons, carefully appropriated to represent the best selection from every region of this magical land. Religious iconography, fashion items, talismans, magical objects, charms, sacred texts and other souvenirs. All original artwork and designs based on meme magic from the dankest and brightest corners of Kekistan. Your first and original supplier of Kekistani imports! ----- VISIT THE KEKISTAN VISUAL ART MUSEUM ---- Many pieces of culture appropriated from people who weren’t taking proper care of them anyway. The Kekistan Visual Arts Museum is a place where we gather the finest cultural artifacts from the First Meme Wars. Digitally interfaced, hyperactive and interactive for your viewing pleasure. i-resist.com ----- ABOUT THE BARD ------ This page is about the adventures of a certain frog bard who moved to the land of Kekistan. As he learned more about the Kekistani people and their struggles, he began to understand more and more where their great culture came from and how it had been fragmented into many little pieces, scattered to the four corners of the world. The little bard learned of these things and because storytellers and singers were highly respected all over Kekistan he took up the lyre and the flute and began to share more and more of what he had learned. He performed for people all over Kekistan. As Kekistan can be a very chaotic place, these ancient stories and tales can sometimes trigger the residents to react in strange and unexpected ways. This bard speculates that perhaps an ancient cord in their consciousness is tweaked and the emotion rises from murky waters of the pool of urges to cloud the blue tranquility of the sunny pond. The Kekistani people have been very welcoming! Let me share with you some of their ancient, historical and even recent stories.
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