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Gypsea Spirit Boutique
Show Your Spirit
Bradenton, Florida, United States
Kaven, The Grand Gypsea has her own way of life and she's launching her very own lifestyle brand to showcase that life. The Gypsea Spirit Boutique features clothing, boots, home goods, jewelry and more. On her Social Media Wall and her Website she, along with her tribe (do you want to become a member) will provide advice on travel, style, food, spirits and more. Grand Gypsea wants you to ask yourself why you’re working super hard to fit a mold, to blend in when you would rather show your spirit in bright colorful and unique ways? Do you listen to others or even that little pesky no good voice in your head that tells you plaids don’t work with stripes and purple can’t work with green or blue eyeshadow is not for you because you’re over 25? You’re not alone in asking: Why? Why? Why? Now, here’s how Grand Gypsea and her tribe sees the why! Many of us get conditioned to think a certain way, to portray a certain look, to believe we must behave and be good girls. Even in this millennium woman are made to feel uncomfortable about being true to themselves. Slaves to the “ideal” we change ourselves from that cute, precocious, snappy little 4 year old that wore tiger striped slippers, a huge bright blue hat, sequined gloves, polka dot tights and a blazing red furry sweater with butterflies on it. That bright spark showed her spirit at school, shopping or in her own backyard! Now, we’re not saying that at 40 you should dress quite that bold, but hell, if you want to – do it. Grand Gypsea wants you to drink a little and dance a lot and to always show your spirit!
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