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Bringing Magick into your hearts & homes
Inverness, FL
Gemini Moon is a name I used for a Pagan/fantasy/spiritual graphics website I used to run. Here you will find original images made by me and added to products Zazzle carries for you to purchase. I will try to add more things as I can and I also do personalized images that can be added to any of the products here as well as do web and graphic design and photo manipulation (for some ideas of what I mean, look through the "photo manips" album on my page at So if you see something you like but want something added to it or have a different idea, please message me and I will add it for you. I sell mostly Pagan and fantasy-like images but I can do almost anything. I hope you enjoy what you see and new ideas or thoughts are always appreciated. Brightest of blessings to you, Gemini Moon )O(
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