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Martinez, CA
A happy wife of 27 years and mother of two wonderful children! Friday Dreaming started as an idea in 1991 born of a minor frustration . . . fifteen years later the company began. Here is my story: The Beginnings When our son was just a baby, I decided to help my husband find his biological father, whom he had never met. When I found him, my husband's father was thrilled and told us that he had always wanted to find his son. He would have initiated contact himself, but hadn’t known where to look for him. He arranged to have us flown to the Midwest where he and his family live so we could meet. We had a wonderful reunion with him and the whole extended family. As our new relationship with him grew, we started exchanging greeting cards at holidays and birthdays. We soon found that commercial greeting cards too often presupposed a history of shared childhood and growing up experiences, so we ended up buying cards that were so generic, they felt cold and impersonal. That was the beginning of the idea that would become the Finders Keepers! line of greeting cards. Being a busy mom, the idea stayed simmering on the back burner for much longer than I intended. Finally, I am pursuing that original dream, which in the ensuing years has fleshed out and expanded to incorporate my love for photography and my Christian faith. These are the foundation for the Radiance! line and the Crystal Clear! line of greeting cards. Visit my blog http://upthesunbeam.blogspot.com
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