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Fun, Foolishness and Photography
Spokane , Washington , United States
Believe it or not, this all started out with a very sick cat. My cat, Angel, developed a urinary blockage. We found him on the floor, cold and almost not breathing. The veterinarian gave me about 2 minutes to decide if I was willing to spend a lot of money to save him or put him down. Despite not having any extra money, with the help of Care Credit I said "save him". That was over 6 years ago and Angel is going great! Two things changed since then. 1.Angel has become bi-polar. He is either an angel as his name suggests or Grumpy as heck. So, I changed his name to "Grumpy Angel" 2. He owes me money! lol I was telling this story to a co-worker and showing him a picture of Grumpy Angel hugging a stuffed animal as he slept, and I joked that I wish I knew a way to make money from the photo to help pay his vet bill. This is when my friend, told me about Zazzle. He has a store here and said I could set up a store too. I have been addicted to this place ever since. My first store, started up in August 2010. Though I started out with mostly cat stuff, I have branched out...a lot. This is still my main store but I have started 5 others including for your auto sticker needs and for office supply. I have more ideas than time with a full time job and family so there is never a time when I don't have something or many things to do here at Zazzle. It has become a great hobby for me. I have even lost weight since joining! No more boredom eating for me! I even work on Zazzle stuff on my lunch breaks at work thanks to the tablet my wonderful wife gave me for my birthday last year. So, deciding to value my cat over my money, has led to a series of events that have improved my life, and extended his. What do you think? Will you help Grumpy Angel pay me back? Joking. Enjoy your time at my store. Thanks!
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