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Custom Guitar Pick
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Custom Guitar Pick for all blank customizable, personalized custom print guitar pick templates - Clayton or Grover Allman picks, choose from a wide range of options of Clayton guitar picks, 1" long x 1" wide, sold in sets of 12 and custom printed on either one side or on both sides for an additional charge, with a choice of medium 0.08mm gauge, heavy 1.00mm gauge, or extra heavy 1.26mm gauge, in a choice of white delrin, pearl celluloid, acetal, and polycarbonate (carbonate in medium gauge only). Alternatively, choose from standard or triangular Grover Allman guitar picks, both types made of celluloid in a medium 0.71mm gauge, and printable on both sides for no extra charge. The Grover Allman picks are a great choice if want to personalize or brand a large number of guitar picks as these picks are a bulk buy discount product and the savings are truly massive! - custom guitar picks for photo, image, text, or your own customized design creation. A set of custom guitar pick are the ideal gift for a musical friend, partner, or family member, whether they are teenager come rockstar or a rock star come teenager! CLAYTON GUITAR PICKS: Enhance the sound of your guitar with a set of custom guitar picks by Clayton, a premier brand trusted by artists around the world! Choose from four materials and three gauge sizes for a pick that suits any style. Add your beautiful designs, photos, or text and create a set of 12 guitar picks custom made for yourself, your band or as a gift for that talented musician in your life! Dimensions: 1” wide x 1” long One sided and double sided printing available; additional charge for double sided printing. Available in white delrin, pearl celluloid, acetal, and polycarbonate (medium gauge only). Your choice of medium, heavy, or extra heavy gauge. Medium Gauge 0.08mm Heavy Gauge 1.00mm Extra Heavy Gauge 1.26mm Works well with any guitar Sold in sets of 12 picks. WHITE DELRIN White delrin is a very durable material that produces a bright tone. Great for custom and two-sided imprinting with its bright and solid white base. PEARL CELLULOID Pearl Celluloid is a classic material that produces a balanced yet crisp tone. This pick has the beautiful look of white pearl that make your designs come to life. ACETAL Acetal is a popular material that produces warm clean overtones, while holding up to the most demanding performance. Plus, it is virtually unbreakable. Best for one-sided imprinting due to its transparency. POLYCARBONATE Carbonate is a newer material that produces a great even sound. Designs are printed on a white base and have a glossy finish. GROVER ALLMAN GUITAR PICKS: Rock out with customized guitar picks! Made with high quality celluloid (a traditional pick material), these picks grip well and provide the flexibility and durability needed for a balanced, yet crisp tone. Choose between the standard and triangle shape and add your beautiful designs, photos, or text to the front and back for a professional grade custom guitar pick. Available in standard and triangle shapes. Dimensions: Standard 0.98" wide x 1.18" long; Triangle 1.22" wide x 1.18" long Medium gauge (0.71mm). Made with celluloid. Ideal for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars. Designs printed in vibrant full color on your choice of single or double side. Buy Grover Allman picks in bulk and save! CUSTOM GROVER ALLMAN GUITAR PICKS (BULK BUY DISCOUNT PRODUCT) 5 guitar picks. (Save 75%) 10 guitar picks. (Save 85%) 20 guitar picks. (Save 85%) 50 guitar picks. (Save 94%) 200 guitar picks. (Save 95%) Note: Check the drop down options on Item Quantity 'Qty' button for current discounts on specific numbers ordered. Multi purchase savings refer to .com rates - discounts on multiple orders from other country specific Zazzle sites may differ or may not be available. All stated discounts are correct at time of input and are subject to change. Custom Guitar Pick - create and design your own product or gift from a fully customisable, personalised custom printed Zazzle pick (plectrum) design template.
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