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Custom Business Cards

Stand out from the crowd with a business card that is singular to your personality by designing it with our personalization tool. Zazzle offers you the option of creating a custom business card in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from standard, mighty, magnetic and more. Not enough personalization? Add an image or a bold colour. With Zazzle the choice is yours!

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I want to make business cards. How do I start?
Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step by coming to Zazzle! Here are two ways to start:

1. Start from scratch: Before you begin designing, first choose your size and shape, then select your paper type. Rounded corners can also be added for a finishing touch. We recommend this method if you know exactly what you want and aren’t intimidated by design!
P.S If your design is something you’re proud of, did you know you can even post your design for sale and actually make money from it?

2. Shop our marketplace: Our marketplace carries hundreds of templates published by our community of independent designers who have created designs for you to easily customize and call your own. If you aren’t sure about your design skills, head on over and start browsing here.

What type of colour printing does Zazzle use?
All Zazzle business cards are produced with a 4-colour ink process (CMYK).

We recommend designing your file in CMYK, which helps ensure that printed colours will match your monitor. Files designed in RGB may not print as expected because CMYK does not include all the colours in the colour spectrum that RGB covers.

Can we match spot colour?
We currently don’t have the eyedropper ability to match colours, but if you know the exact HEX value, you can type it into the colour tool.

What is white ink printing? What papers is this process best suited for?
When printing on darker papers, colours tend to appear muted and less vibrant, so we print a white base layer beneath your design to help your colours pop! Currently, all of our Premium Colour papers use white ink printing versus our traditional digital printing.

Please note that white ink printing is only available for our Premium Colour papers (Premium Black, Premium Grey, and Premium Kraft).

Is there extra charge for second side printing?
Nope! Our costs are straightforward and easy to understand, what you see is what you get.

Can Zazzle Business cards be written on?
Yes! While most of our cards have a writable surface, here’s a quick run-down of which ones are better suited to write on.

Uncoated; absorbs ink readily and dries to the touch
Standard Matte
Signature Cream
Premium Thick

Easily writeable; results vary due to paper colour and finish
Premium Linen
Premium Pearl
Premium Kraft
Premium Grey
Premium Black (metallic and white ink pen only)

Writable, but requires longer dry time
Standard Semi-Gloss (for reference, this is the same paper we use for greeting cards and postcards)

Not Recommended
Signature UV Gloss (Glossy, slick finish doesn’t absorb ink)
Signature Silk (Writable with a ballpoint pen, but smudges more easily)
The world is awash with great businesses and excellent business ideas. It’s important to stand out from the crowd. Maybe you’ve found a niche in the mark or maybe you can do something better. You might have an up and running business with a solid clientele. No matter what stage your business is at, or how successful it is, custom business cards from Zazzle can give you a boost awareness of your business. Branding is the best way to set yourself apart from your competitors and with the personal approach a business card can provide, it's one of the best ways to do it. Check out our array of business cards for inspiration from our talented designer community, or even use one of their templates.

There’s so many ways to customize your cards, choose from a range of sizes, styles and paper types. Each paper type has a different feel and look, so make sure to weigh up all the options by reading their details. You can add your own images and text, so upload your logo and write some pertinent details. Include only the vital information so you don’t overwhelm potential clients with walls of text. Keep your cards pristine and protected with business card holders, the perfect way to present your business cards. You can customize those for maximum effect too. Business cards can be a great personal approach to increasing your brand awareness, they’re powerful because they provide the necessary information. Flyers are another great way to do this. They can provide an amazing amount of visibility for your business if done right. Zazzle has a wide selection of products that might meet your business needs, so make sure to explore the store and never underestimate the power of a custom business card.


Perfect Business Cards
“These business cards turned out way better than expected. The quality of the paper is perfect, thick and strong. The gloss finish is great. The nicest business cards we've had. I am very happy!”

Quality Business Cards
“I was very happy with my order. I designed some custom business cards. The prices are very reasonable and the cards turned out great. I am about to order more right now.”

Minimalistic, Modern Design Business Card
“I loved the minimalistic, modern design business card. It had an overall clean feel to it, was extremely well and professionally done and better than I ever expected from an online order. Also, the quality was extremely good!”