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"Novelty Items", Home, Decor, (24-7) Store-to-Door
Lelystad , Netherlands
"ArtaThon", where you’ll find TRENDY Fashions, Home Décor, Clothing Designs, Art Illustrations and Fashion Accessories; from Art-Deco, Asian, Coastal, Nautical, Contemporary, Country, Eclectic, English Country, French, Mediterranean, Mid-Century Modern, Modern, Classic, Moroccan, Shabby Chic, “Diamond Bling”, Traditional, Transitional, Tropical and Western Custom Designs. I have a wide variety of Shops for your Specific Styles and Designs. Check out my many Shops such as; aaahArt, ArtaThon, Artazon, ArtDesigns4u, ArtnDesigns, ArtonAll, ArtTrends, BlingShop, DesignGallery, EZOrder, Fabric Art, Fabric Artwork, FashionLeader, Gifts2Go, HomeStyleDecor, LeatherCases, OrderOnLine, Store2Door, Time2Shop, WesternStore. I regularly update products and designs.
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^Bling, Girly-Chic
^Floral, Foliage
^Fun, Humor
^Leather, Fur, Fabric
^Tribal, Native American
^Vintage, Rustic
^Western, Southwest
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