Pet sitting
Pet Sitting
Girlie Names!
LittleGirlie First Love
LittleGirlie -  surrounded by love!
LittleGirlie Blogs!
LittleGirlie Bakes Bread!
LittleGirlie Cleans Her House!
LittleGirlie with her baby!
LittleBaby and Little Pets
Babies. Babies. Babies!
LIttleGirlie plays hair dresser
LittleGirlie plays with Little Butterfly
Little Girlie has a best friend
LittleGirlie Loves Cupcakes
LittleGirlie-Riding free!
Little Girlie and her kitties
Little Girlie Angel
Little Girlie cowgirl!
Little Girlie cooks with Love!
Little Girlie has a Birthday Party!
Little Girlie just loves her animals!
Little Girlie loves her garden!
LittleGirlie-Loves her puppy!
Little Girlie plays school!
Little Girlie takes a bath.
LittleGirlie Christmas 2
LittleGirlie loves Christmas

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Little Girlies is all about...little girls! Little girls and their sweet, innocent, charming ways. So irresistible. Little Girlie in the garden, Little Girlie cooking with love, Little Girlie having a party, Little Girlie and her best friend etc. Perfect for the Little (and not so little!) Girls in your life. I'd really love to have your feedback. Choose your favorite LIttleGirlie design and rate it using the *****STARS***** under the item's picture. LIttleGirlie CONTEST - a FREE GIFT to every 100th star vote&comment. (spammers not included!) See my other Zazzle shops at: Character_Company One_Trick_Pony Tea_Party_Wacko Remember, you can PERSONALIZE almost everything - change the background color, add your own custom text and more! Money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied. Coupons & discount codes here: http://www.zazzle.com/coupons CLICK ON PICS to see all products with that design.

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